Electropolyseal (Ecoat)

An electrocoating system that is highly automated and results in a high performing finish that delivers a uniform film build, color consistency, high yield rates and applied cost efficiency, in an environmentally friendly finishing system. PPG (Electropolyseal) is the leading provider of e-coat chemistry worldwide, and have variations suitable for nearly every corrosive environment.

Electropolyseal for fasteners generally follows one of the following approaches, depending on the fastener substrate and specific application.

  1. Conventional zinc phosphate base, which is applied via the barrel immersion process. The cationic electrocoat product is then applied via bulk processing electrolytically to the fastener. After rinsing, a torque modified post dip is then applied to the part and it is cured. The film build of this finish is 15-20 microns. 
  2. One coat of zinc phosphate base. The finish is cured at this point. This base coat of zinc-rich is then topcoated with cationic electrocoat in a bulk application. A torque modified post dip is used after the electrocoat, and both finishes are cured concurrently. The film build of the basecoat is 7.5-10 microns, and the total film build is 15-20 microns. 
  3. Combination of a plated substrate and cationic electrocoat. The electrocoat film can be either epoxy or acrylic based. The parts are electroplated and passivated. The electrocoat is applied in bulk. A torque modified post dip can be added to this finish when torque tension characteristics are critical. Film build on the plated finish is 7.5-10 microns. Total film build is 15-20 microns. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • High corrosion resistance
  • No hydrogen embrittlement 
  • Torque tension controlled finishes 
  • Multiple color offerings 
  • No recess head fill 
  • No thread fill 
  • Reduced rejects 
  • Relatively environmentally friendly 
  • Chrome and lead-free 
  • Dry to touch
  • Automotive Industry approved products