Automated Sorting

Solutions for Precision Components and Automated Assembly

JC Grand's internal quality goal is to control dimensional defect rates to less than 500 PPM, without any additional sorting. Experience and feedback from clients tells us that this level of quality is acceptable for most applications.

However, for more precision applications like automated assembly, 500 PPM may not be sufficient. Even small dimensional deviations can cause an unacceptable level of downtime and re-work at the point of use. For these and related requirements, JC Grand can utilize its high-speed, high-volume automated optical sorting facility to ensure that dimensional defect rates are much lower, approaching zero. Maximum PPM levels are determined by the particular fastener geometry and critical features.

If the primary goal is to ensure that bulk-packed fasteners are completely free of foreign material, JC Grand's high-throughput roller sorting machines can separate out the desired fasteners from non-related material. For product that is packed in smaller units (small boxes, polybags, etc), foreign material is automatically separated out without the need for an additional roller sorting process.

Please feel free to challenge us with your specific project requirements.