Electrical Screws

Screws for electrical, electronic and lighting applications

JC Grand designs and produces a range of screws for electrical, electronic and lighting applications.

This category covers a range of screws and related fasteners for electrical, electronic and lighting applications. What is common about these applications is that the fasteners typically need to interface with electrical wiring and other electrical connections. Moreover, for OEM applications, the screws are often installed into mating parts (terminal blocks, electrical motors, etc) on high-speed, automated assembly lines. This requires that the fasteners not only have superior mechanical properties and tailored coatings, but also be extremely consistent from lot to lot, and across millions of pieces of production. One does not want a relatively inexpensive part causing downtime on assembly lines.

JC Grand's precision production lines and quality system, combined with automated optical sorting lines can ensure superior and consistent quality across all production lots, no matter the size.