Plastic Fasteners

Plastic fastening components for a wide range of versatile applications

JC Grand supplies a wide range fastening related plastic and polymer components for a wide range of versatile applications

Plastic fasteners are designed in a range of materials including nylon, polycarbonate, acetal and polypropylene. Our plastic fasteners:

  • Are lightweight, yet durable plastic fasteners.
  • Provide corrosion resistance.
  • Offer thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Can be easily removed after fastening and reused.
  • Are an attractive fastening alternative, that is reliable and long-lasting.

Although JC Grand's own manufacturing does not specialize in molding of plastic components, we nevertheless have many years of experience supplying plastic fasteners to complement our metal fastening lines. Accordingly, we offer a comprehensive line of plastic fasteners, wire handling and routing products, cable products, plugs, bushings, general fasteners such as washers, screws, standoffs, spacers, standoffs.

In addition to our standard plastic fasteners, we  the capability to custom design  specialized plastic fasteners, as well as other molded parts such as precision gears, shafts, small intricate housings, etc.