Custom Fasteners

Parts custom made to customers' specific requirements and designs

Many component specifications do not fit neatly into a standard category, or perhaps represent company-specific variations on standard fastener categories. JC Grand is also a contract manufacturer of special and/or custom OEM components. We refer to these types of parts as "OEM", "mill spec", "custom" or "specials".These per-print designs comprise a majority of our manufacturing and export volume.

Whether you are looking for special fasteners, other cold forgings, hot forgings, CNC machined parts, or die castings, JC Grand has the engineering and quality expertise to produce to your custom specifications. Major OEM industries that we serve include

  • Automotive
  • Professional Construction
  • Electrical Fixtures
  • Home and Commercial Appliances
  • HVAC and related control systems

Just send us your engineering drawings (or physical samples), and let us do the rest. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements.