Washers & Stampings

Washers, brackets and other stamped hardware that mate with other fastening components

JC Grand supplies a diverse line of washers, brackets and other stamped components that complement our screws, bolts and other fastening hardware

Washers are used to spread the load of a bolt or screw over a larger area or to help prevent loosening under vibration.

The geometry is usually a variation of thin plate with a hole, normally used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut. Other uses are as a spacer, spring (belleville washer, wave washer), wear pad, preload indicating device, locking device, and to reduce vibration (rubber washer). Washers often have an outer diameter (OD) about twice their inner diameter (ID), but this can vary quite widely.

Washers are usually metal or plastic. High-quality bolted joints require hardened steel washers to prevent the loss of pre-load due to permanent indentation after the torque is applied.

Rubber or fiber gaskets used in taps (or faucets, or valves) to stop the flow of water are sometimes referred to colloquially as washers; but, while they may look similar, washers and gaskets are usually designed for different functions and made differently.

Washers are also important for preventing galvanic corrosion, particularly by insulating steel screws from aluminium surfaces.

Although washers are the most common stamped fasteners, the stamping process used to manufacture a huge array of brackets and other similar hardware for fixing complex mating parts and/or applications.