(New) Zinc-Tin Alloy Coating Lines

  • Zinc-Tin Alloy Coating Barrels

  • Passivation & Sealer Line

  • Organic Topcoat Dip-Spin Line

  • Zinc-Tin Alloy Coatings

A powerful and flexible duplex coating system combining a proprietary multi-metal base layer with a tightly-bonded hydrophobic surface layer that can survive in the harshest real-world environments.

The core element of the coating technology is portfolio of well-tested, proprietary zinc-heavy metal powder mixtures. The mixtures are designed for different properties of the final coating, depending on the particular application. Layer properties, including coating thickness, corrosion resistance, surface roughness, abrasion resistance, sealer and topcoat compatibility can be all be adjusted and optimized.

The coating lines are housed in JC Grand's newest Kaohsiung factory, about 10 minutes north of our main Kaohsiung production facility.